How do you choose to market your scientific products and services?

Your science is important. Does the world know?

Copywriting, content management, social media, digital marketing for SCIENCE

What's Your Content Marketing Strategy for Your Science?

Developed? Tried a few things and given up? Don’t know where to start?

As a science company, you focus on your R&D, serving your customers, finding more customers. But are you educating potential customers, while nurturing leads who are interested but need more information? This is where you need content marketing.

No matter your stage, we can create the content you need.

Web Copy

Your site has too much or too little writing. It's too technical. The language is confusing. You're starting a new site. You need to communicate your value.

Email Marketing

You have a customer list and it's underused. You want to send a newsletter or follow up with customers. Maybe you need an onboarding or nurturing sequence.

Social Media

You have Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram accounts. Almost no one views them. You want to use social media for promotion and customer contact.

Blogs, Articles

You've heard that a company blog is a great way to attract traffic. Maybe you tried one and gave up. Or you're ready to start but not sure how. And anyway, you're busy!

Other Writing, Editing

Brochures, flyers, pamphlets, posters, standees, swag, video scripts, explainer scripts, and more. Get original writing or get editing of what you have already.

Our Key Areas of Work

IMRADs starts with the core team and adds subject matter experts to accommodate most major sciences.


Medical & Life Sciences

addiction, aids/HIV, anatomy, behavioral science, biology, cancer, cardiology, dentistry, dermatology, diabetes, diagnostics, diet, endocrinology, environmental health, epidemiology, fertility, gerontology, health care, hearing/speech, immunology/allergies, infectious diseases, internal medicine, medical devices, metabolism, neurology, nutrition, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pediatrics, pharmaceutical, physiology, public health, rehabilitation, sports medicine, toxicology, vaccines, virology, and more


Earth & Environment

agriculture, climate, conservation, ecology, energy, geography, geology, hydrology, marine, meteorology, mineralogy, paleontology, plate tectonics, pollution, weather, and more


Technology, Engineering, IT

biomedical, biotechnological, civil engineering, computer science, electronics, industrial engineering, Internet, mechanical engineering, robotics, telecommunications, urbanization, vehicles, and more


Social Sciences

addiction, advertising, behavior, business, demography, development, economics, education, history, information management, language, learning/literacy, management science, marketing, mess media, mental health, NGOs/NPOs, political science, psychology, research, socioeconomics, and more

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