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We Are Not Alone. We Must Communicate With Others!

No, we don’t believe in aliens (yet), but we do believe in humans, science, and clear communication.
IMRADs is uniquely able to communicate your science to the world.

Who Are We

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Our Mission

IMRADs aims to help global scientific companies communicate in language that normal people can understand. We aim to bridge the communication gap between science and consumer.

What We Do

We provide clear and natural language for scientific and related business. We apply expertise in writing, marketing, and science to produce persuasive and accurate content.


IMRADs was started by Adam, a long-time resident of Japan. Adam has worked in business and scientific editing for over 15 years. He noticed that many scientific companies had very underdeveloped marketing strategies.

As a writer and editor, he realized these companies were not presenting themselves accurately, and often used incomprehensible English. As an MBA in marketing, he saw missed opportunities to introduce outstanding products to the world using modern content marketing techniques. And as an MS in health sciences and a science writer, he had a passion to help science be understood in society.

Adam Goulston, Owner

  • MBA, Marketing
  • MS, Health Sciences (Public Health)
  • MISD (MA equivalent), International Social Development
  • BA, Journalism
  • Board-certified Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS)
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
  • Copywriter and global content and social media manager at Japanese SaaS firm
  • Copywriter and social media manager for a number of Asian companies
  • Senior language editor at Japan-based global academic author-guidance and editing company
  • Editor and translator at Japan-based translation company
  • Editor at economic research institute tied to Japanese economy ministry
  • Web designer and content manager for Tokyo and Bangkok NGOs and UNDP in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Product and community manager with two prominent Silicon Valley-area B2C and B2B companies
  • Community manager and editor with pioneering healthcare website in Portland, Oregon

IMRADs' Advantages

From the Tokyo base, and with writers and consultants in all corners of the world, IMRADs doesn’t bring a biased approach. This approach is globally wise; aware that the world uses English and that it needs to be accessible to those who do not speak it as a first language.

No matter the topic, we work with a flexible network of science professionals. They understand the contents of what we’re working with. The message is aligned in a voice that laypersons can understand.

We know a customer funnel from a Thermo Scientific lab funnel. Actually, we know both. Adam uses MBA methodology and real-world experience managing content for IT companies. Other staff are guided on writing for personas and specific business objectives.

Adam is a Board-certified Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS), having edited over 2,000 scholarly manuscripts for high-impact-factor publications.

We didn’t hang a shingle and say we’re copywriters and marketers. All IMRADs staff are experienced in business, science, technology, and academia.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Every company is someone's dream. And every company is different. But in science, we find what works, and seek to refine it. Marketing is the same. Let's hear what you have in mind and if there are ways to boost your results with great content. Talk is free.